10 Reasons to Insulate Your Home Before Winter


Winter is coming. It always does, every year.

With winter in Ireland comes snow and cold temperatures. If your home is under-insulated it could also be bringing uncomfortable drafts, cold floors, outrageous energy bills, and a variety of other annoying problems.

Not fun.

Installing good quality insulation helps homeowners tackle these issues so their homes are comfortable and energy-efficient all year long.

Here are a few reasons to insulate your home with foam insulation now before winter arrives.

Why You Should Insulate Your Home for Winter

From reducing drafts in your home to giving your heating  a break, here are the reasons why you should insulate your home for winter.

Delay Turning on the heating

It is a sad day when you have to turn on the heating for the first time in the Autumn.

With spray foam insulation, your home will stay warmer longer and most likely delay this dreaded season opener. Sealing the building envelope of your home will stop air movement into and out of the house. This means your heating won’t have to kick on and run constantly to maintain a constant temperature.

Get on the Schedule Before it Fills Up

Contractors’ schedules fill up quickly in the colder months, so the longer you wait to insulate, the longer you will have to wait for an estimate and install date.

Getting out in front of adding foam insulation to your home before the busy season can help ensure you won’t have to wait weeks to make your home warm in the winter.

Don’t Juggle Home Improvement Projects Over the Holidays

Even though it is great to have family and friends over during the holidays, it isn’t fun to juggle being a host while your home is in the middle of improvement projects.

Finishing up your insulation before the guests arrive will reduce stress and everyone will be more comfortable too.

It’s Easier to Insulate Before the Snow Falls

Even though contractors work in all kinds of weather, it is more difficult to re-insulate your home when there is snow on the ground outside, especially if insulating your exterior walls.

Get on the installation schedule before the snow flies so you can enjoy that warmer home.

Increase Your Storage Space

If you could use the extra storage space, insulating an unvented attic could give you some extra space to store your treasures before the cold comes.

The air seal created by the spray foam insulation will make your attic a conditioned space, so you won’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures affecting the items you have stored.

Reduce Drafts Before They Start

That feeling when you are sitting in the living room and it feels like the window is open?

Reduce uncomfortable drafts before they start with retrofit external wall insulation. The air seal created will stop those drafts from getting in through your existing walls.

Help Prevent Pipes from Freezing

If you have had problems with freezing pipes in the past, there is probably some major air leakage in your attic.

Spray Foam insulation in your attic makes it a warm space, and may help to make this winter the first in a long time that your pipes don’t freeze.

Warm-Up Your Feet

Warm festive socks are fun, but not a necessity due to cold floors.

Spray foam insulation in the floor / crawl space can help with this discomfort. The foam insulation prevents cold air from getting into the crawl space, then moving up through your floors.

Get grants from SEAI

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offers different grants for different types of insulation, check out their website for more information www.seai.ie

These programs may not renew from year to year, so get them while you still can.

Give Your Heating a Break

Remember last year when the burner was constantly running, causing higher than desired energy bills?

Spray foam insulation provides an air seal to keep your home warmer longer in the colder months, giving your heating and wallet a much-deserved break.

Insulating Your House for the Winter

Winter will arrive whether we are ready or not.

Make this the year you are more comfortable in your home with lower energy bills.

Foam insulation will keep unwanted holiday guests like Old Man Winter and Jack Frost out of your home while saving you money. If you’d like to learn about how foam insulation can keep your home comfortable year-round, give us a call on 01 5450045 and we would be happy to talk to you.