Air Tightness

Airtightness is the control of the elimination of unwanted draughts through the external fabric of the building envelope. This will be achieved by the correct and proper installation of an air tight vapour controlling system.

Air tightening a property means keeping air leakage to an absolute minimum. A sealed air tight building won’t unnecessarily lose heat through cracks or gaps; as such the property will be easier to heat, more energy efficient and cost the owner less in heating bills.


PHS Sd Variable Membrane

PHS Astra Vapour Control Membrane

PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane

PHS Spray Airtight Liquid Membrane

Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane

PHS Hi-Thermia Membrane

Gerband sd VARIO Membrane

Scrim Reinforced Airtight Membrane


Gerband 586 Airtight Tape

PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape

Winflex-I Airtight Window Tape

PHS Argo Joining Tape

PHS Alkoe Paper Tape

PHS Split Release Tape

Gerband 712 Aluminium Foil Tape

PHS Butyl Sealing Tape

PHS TRS Expanding Foam Tape

PHS Double Sided Tape

PHS Butyl Sealing Tape

PHS Tapes Seam Roller


Inspection Door Access Hatch

Access Door Ceiling Mounted EI30

PHS Folding Loft Stairs

Access Door Wall Mounted EI30

Penetration Sealing

PHS Fire Rated Loft Cone

PHS Service Grommets

Downlight Hoods Non Fire Rated

Sealants & Primers

PHS Primer Priming Coat

PHS Spray Primer Coat

BOSIG Fasatan TFS Sealant

PHS Spray Sealing Foam

Gerband Fortax 6400 Airtight Sealant

PHS Roof 180 Membrane

PHS Fasada Cloth Tape

PHS Reflecta Aluminium Tape

Gerband 587 Waterproof Tape

PHS Wolfy Joining Tape

Gerband 386 External Cloth Tape


PHS Tapes Seam Roller

Phonotherm Insulation Board