Downlight Hoods Non Fire Rated

The downlight covers are an innovative solution for achieving a safe and easy to install sealing system for downlights.

Their fitting dramatically reduces the volume of air leakage through each downlight, therefore significantly reducing draughts and energy loss. They also ensure the maintenance of an effective moisture barrier:

Tested to both BS EN 60598-1 and BS EN 60598-2-2,

Flammability & Fire testing to UL94 and IEC 695-2-1,

Conforms to BS 5250 : 2011 : 3-3.



Downlight covers, tested to all necessary standards including flammability and heat resistance testing. That allows the housing of recessed lights without disrupting your homes thermal envelope and airtightness barrier. The downlight hood is easily fitted and sealed to an air tight membrane or plasterboard using  PHS Argo Tape  airtightness tape or Fortax 6400 airtightness sealant. Downlight or recessed lights are the source of a high proportion of air leakage in the home.

Gaps in ceiling insulation reduce its overall performance. Furthermore – not insulated ceiling (even 5%) usually reduce it by 50%! Finally, the downlight cover restore ceiling performance to similar level as an unpenetrated ceiling. It allows the insulation to be continuous and uninterrupted over the whole area of the ceiling, saving energy, carbon emissions and cost.

It is widely acknowledged that for thermal insulation to be effective, it needs to be continuous.


Gaps in ceiling insulation dramatically reduces its overall performance, typically insulation performance is reduced by 50% if only 5% of the ceiling area is not fully insulated.

The Down-lighter Hood restores ceiling performance to similar level as an un-penetrated ceiling by allowing the insulation to be continuous and uninterrupted over the whole area of the ceiling saving energy and carbon emissions and COST!