Phonotherm Insulation Board

Phonotherm Insulation Board made of high quality CFC-, HCFC- and formaldehyde-free polyurethane hard foams.

High quality boards are a special composition including the addition of auxiliary materials. Phonotherm Insulation is a functional material that convinces through extraordinary properties. Phonotherm is moisture-resistant and has excellent thermal insulation properties. Its resistance to moisture makes Phonotherm very durable and prevents it from rotting. This renders Phonotherm Insulation Board far superior to conventional wooden boards such as press boards and MDF boards, yet has similar machining properties. You can machine it using normal carbide tools or even milled in fine detail without danger of break-out.


It is also resistant to chemicals, easy to work and you can laminate and combine it with other materials.

Application areas

Window Moulding – Phonotherm 200 suits excellently as an insulation moulding and replaces non-insulated plastic frame units.

Gates/Doors – Our Customers are using Phonotherm 200 to construct both waterproof single board and waterproof paneled doors. The insulating properties provide for additional advantages.

Vehicle Framing – As Phonotherm can be easily layered, and because of optimal insulating properties, it is always the preferred choice when constructing refrigerated vehicles. This complies with static requirements as well as ability to withstand constant stress from vibration.

Work Tops – Phonotherm 200 is the fundamental material used to construct a good work top. Because of its airtightness and 100% water resistance, it is optimal for use in the kitchen. It works perfectly with stainless steel and stone, as well as with laminate covering.


Sanitary/Wet Applications – Phonotherm 200 exceeds the requirements for reliable use as a base material and as an insulating material in damp and wet applications. The high material density provides optimal screw withdrawal resistance.


Phonotherm® 200 has many applications. It is used, among other, for partitions in wet and damp rooms, as concealed edges or edge bands for doors for wet and damp rooms, window finishing profiles, roller shutter boxes, working boards in kitchen, façade construction, spacers, decoupling plates in buildings and in vehicles (e.g. to prevent thermal bridges).


Use conventional tungsten-carbide tipped woodworking machinery for working. In principle, we recommend an extraction system. The dust created during machining (sawing, grinding, milling) is physiologically harmless and not fibrous. Predrill before screwing or use self-drill screws. Phonotherm® 200 can be screwed, the material can be milled, ground, drilled and can be glued together.


Gluing of butt joints of boards, cuts and strips is simple, using 2-component polyurethane adhesives for instance. Single or 2-component polyurethane adhesives are suitable for gluing of surfaces. For assistance please enquire about your specific application.