PHS Alkoe Paper Tape

PHS Alkoe Paper Tape is a hand tear-able sealing tape with an extremely high tensile resistance.


First of all – PHS Alkoe Paper Tape is waterproof, airtight and temperature resistant. A pure acrylate glue gives the tape extremely high adhesion properties, as well as an excellent age resistance. You can use it for the airtight sealing of VCL membrane overlaps and is ideal for sheathing board joints (OSB, or Plywood).


Special paper with waterproof polyethylene film & protective UV resistant lacquer,

Wind and airtightness requirements of BS9250,

High tear resistance in the longitudinal and transverse direction,

Soft and pliable consistency,

Water-repellent surface.


Polyacrylate adhesive,

Extremely high bond strength,

Very high tack.

Separating Layer

Silicone Paper


60mm x 40m

Special Features

Superior resistance to aging,


Hand tear-able.


Airtight bonding and sealing overlaps of vapour barriers and air tightness membranes according to BS9250.

Bonding of smooth and slightly rough PE webs and Kraft papers without wax coating.


Bonding of aluminum webs, PP-fleeces and processed timbers (OSB).