PHS Astra Vapour Control Membrane

PHS Astra Vapour Control Membrane enables airtightness and vapour control in roof and wall constructions.

PHS Astra Vapour Control Membrane is a membrane, with an optimum fixed vapour resistance level of Sd 10m. This allows for an ideal level of vapour control, by preventing diffusion of internal vapour into the building envelope back in winter and allowing diffusion in summer.

This prevents a build-up of condensed water vapour within the building envelope, that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damage.

The CE sign according to DIN 13984 gives the necessary assurance for the quality of the product.


1.5m x 50m


Store in dry rooms from +5C to +25C, protected from UV-radiation,

The membrane should be applied perpendicular to the direction of the application surface i.e. studs, rafters and joists,

The membrane should be fixed with staples every 150mm or with PHS Double Sided Tape,

PHS Argo Joining Tape or a suitable PHS Grommet should be used for penetrations,

For bonding barrier overlaps, penetrations and repair spots, PHS Argo Joining Tape or a similar tape is recommended,

For connections co concrete or masonry PHS Internal Adhesive Sealant is recommended,


Ensure there is a 100mm overlap of the membranes and tape with PHS Argo Joining Tape or another suitable tape.