PHS Reflecta Aluminium Tape

PHS Reflecta Reflective Aluminium tape – a durable, flexible and effective windtight & airtight reflective membrane joining tape.

It ensures a long-lasting bond with common construction substrates. PHS Reflecta – Reflective Aluminium Tape provides an effective airtight seal at joints and penetrations. It also allows for sequencing of more vapour permeable materials externally when used internally. Combined with it’s metallised, low emissivity surface, Reflecta reduces convection heat loss. It makes it the ideal solution for jointing and sealing foil faced insulation boards and reflective membranes. When used to tape foil faced insulation externally, Reflecta achieves a windtight layer. It prevents wind-washing, increasing the thermal performance of insulation. Reflecta has a high tear, water and aging resistance and high durability.


Reflecta is ideal for joining vapour control membranes, specifically reflective membranes. It helps to reduce heat loss associated with air leakage and increases the energy performance of the building envelope, while also reducing the risk of interstitial condensation


Reflecta tape provides a simple, airtight, self adhesive and reflective surface. When applying Reflecta tape, a clean and dry surface is required.

We recommend using a suitable cleaner to prepare the surface, this will clear all dust and grease away, and create a good quality application surface. Measure out the Reflecta tape against the application area or measure the area to get a view of how much reflective tape is needed. This will help during application and minimize the chance of waste material.


The tape can be cut easily with a utility knife. To apply, peel away the backing layer and proceed to stick it to the application area, while running your hand against the material, pressing it down. By slowly applying the reflective tape to the application area like this, you can be sure of a good quality application with minimal air bubbles or creases in the material. Once applied, the Reflective tape will create a good quality, airtight and vapour control layer.