PHS Roof 180 Membrane

The PHS Roof 180 breather membrane is the Next Generation of High-Performance vapour permeable Underlay.


With an impressive range of characteristics such as high
Vapour Permeability, Extreme Watertightness, High Nail Tear Resistance and Thermostability. PHS Roof 180 offers superior protection against condensation risk and extreme resistance against pelting rain. PHS Roof 180 is a Diffusion-Open vapour permeable membrane. When sealed at the overlaps and other appropriate building components, the PHS Roof 180 membrane provides a windtight environment underneath resulting in optimum thermal performance of the insulation.

Installation of the PHS Roof range of membrane can be carried out in all conditions normal to pitched roofing work. In roof construction it is important to remember that the underlay is the second line of defence in excluding water penetrating through the roof. Local roofing requirements shall take precedence over these instructions.