PHS Split Release Tape

PHS 85/15 Split Release Tape is used indoors, for the airtight bonding and sealing of door and window reveals.


PHS Split Release Tape is an airtight, pliable, stretchable PE-film sealing tape with moisture-resistant polyacrylate adhesive of extremely high tack and permanent adhesion as well as outstanding ageing resistance. The 15mm strip facilitates the speedy and accurate fixing of the tape to window frame. Split release tape permits the installer to quickly apply it to the window frame and reveal in separate and manageable steps.


Due to its flexibility in crosswise direction it compensates for any building movements.

Provides a permanent air tight and vapour seal.

Offers significant savings due to time advantages.

Is compatible with acrylic glass, as well as polycarbonates.

Provides high adhesion of the sealing strip on all types of window frame.


Contains no solvents.