PHS Spray Primer Coat

PHS Spray Primer is a ready-to-use primer, designed to prepare various construction substrates, e.g. plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, lime stone, metal sheets. It can be used in conjunction with our window tapes, PHS Split Release, PHS Fusion Variable Plus and our butyl tapes.


Must not be oxidized and must be dry, clean, smooth, free of loose components, free of dust, grease, ice and dew. Absorbent substrates may be slightly damp (no running water, no water ?lm), a drying of the substrate is no longer possible after application of the PHS Spray Primer. Before processing, check whether the substrate is compatible with PHS Spray Primer. Smaller holes, imperfections and fillings have to be closed or prepared before priming with a mineral repair mortar.


PHS Spray Primer for spraying is not suitable for solvent-sensitive substrates such as PS foam and plasticized PVC.


Seal tightly in original container. Store dry at temperatures of + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C without direct sunlight. Minimum storage period 12 months from production in the unopened, sealed original container.


750ml can


Before applying, shake the can vigorously.

Apply the PHS Spray Primer on the surface to be bonded.

Ensure the primer is completely dry prior to further processing.

Apply the tape to the treated surface and press firmly at once. – Please observe the instructions for use of the respective adhesive tape.