Polyurethane Foam

Spray foam insulation works by sealing the building envelope to stop warm air from escaping and prevent unwanted cold outside air from entering your home. We are proud to be the distributor for Synthesia Spray foam in Ireland.

Sprayed polyurethane foam is a result of the chemical reaction of its two components, polyol and isocyanate, which is applied by means of spray foam equipment or machine on any dry and clean surface, offering a continuous insulation system without thermal bridges. This foam is an excellent insulating material due to its low thermal conductivity (≤ 0,026 W m/K*), offering the best insulation with the smallest thickness. Its speed of execution and durability makes it the ideal insulating material in construction and industry.

Spray foam insulation is designed for internal walls and attics, but can also be applied to floors, soffits, crawl spaces and cavity walls. We offer new construction and retrofit applications for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.