Purios F – Open Cell Spray Foam

Purios open cell systems is a two – component polyurethane systems for producing of semi – rigid polyurethane foam with open cell structure, applied “in – situ” as spray thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Components Purios Systems do not contain blowing agents that deplete the ozone layer of the Earth. 

Application and advantages of Purios Systems Components

Purios Systems are applied by spraying using a dedicated spray equipment in relation metering 1: 1 by volume. The main purpose of the system is thermal and acoustic insulation inside the building.

Advantages of the systems 

Very good adhesion to the surface – it does not require additional adhesives and connectors 

Acoustic and thermal insulation in a single application process obtained by the open-cell foam structure 

Speed applications not requiring the storage of dealing with large storage space, as in the case of mineral wool or polystyrene (EPS, XPS)