SOLTHERM AP COLOUR is a render undercoat used for priming prior to the application of the renders:

  • mineral SOLTHERM MTC (not suitable for BOLIX MP KA 15M)
  • acrylic SOLTHERM AFC/ SOLTHERM AFC eco-shield
  • decorative SOLTHERM AMC, SOLTHERM DECO, SOLTHERM TR on exterior walls of existing and new buildings as well as in interiors.

Substrates for which the undercoat is suitable:

  • base coat in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with EPS and mineral wool panels,
  • mineral substrates such as: concrete, cement or cement-lime renders.

Product Description

  • facilitates render application – contains quartz powder
  • seals off and strengthens the surface
  • suppresses dust formation, evens out the porosity of the surface
  • protects the primed surface against adverse effect of moisture
  • seals and blocks out stains in base coats and prevents from bleeding through to the top coats
  • reduces bleeding of the surface colour through the render coat
  • component of the SOLTHERM ETICS systems with EPS and mineral wool panels


Drying Time : 4 hours

Packaging : 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

Coverage : 0.25 – 0.40 kg/m2 average

Coverage will vary with the surface evenness, porosity and roughness. To determine precise coverage, perform a test patch on the surface.