SOLTHERM BC-P QUICK No Priming Base Coat

SOLTHERM BC-P QUICK is a white cement base coat used in the ETICS external wall insulation systems to embed glass fibre mesh.

It is also suitable for levelling minor irregularities of mineral substrates (up to 5 mm) and smoothing their surface prior to paint or thin-coat render application.

Due to its special hydrophobic formula, it is not necessary to prime prior to thin-coat SOLTHERM renders application.

Product Description

  • white cement based,
  • water vapour permeable,
  • hydrophobic,
  • no priming required prior to thin-coat render application in the ETICS systems,
  • micro-fibre reinforced – enhanced resistance to cracking,
  • excellent adhesion to mineral surface and polystyrene,
  • suitable for EPS and XPS insulation boards
  Packaging : 25kg bags Coverage :
  • Single mesh ≥ 4.0 kg/m2
  • Double reinforcement including a combination of standard and armour mesh ≥ 6.5 kg/m2
Coverage will vary with the number of reinforcement layers and base coat thickness.