Synthesia 008 – Open Cell Spray Foam

Poliuretan Spray S-OC (6,8,10 kg) is a thermal-acoustic polyurethane system made up of two components: polyol and isocyanate. The system is applied in spray form “in situ”, obtaining low-density closed-cell foams with strong acoustic absorption properties.

The Poliuretan Spray system does not contain foaming agents that are harmful to the O-zone layer or contribute to global warming. It has been certified by Aenor and has a CE mark.

It is is mainly used as thermal insulation and to improve acoustic insulation against airborne noise in the enclosure of buildings

Characteristics S-OC-008E

Applied Density : 8±1 kg/m3

Maximum thickness in 1 coat : 15-20cm

Closed cells : <20

Fire Performance : Euroclass F

Short-term water absorption by partial immersion : ≤3,5 kg/m2

Thermal Conductivity : 0,037 W/mK