Synthesia Pouring 7136 Cavity Foam insulation

The Pouring 7136 system is a thermal-acoustic polyurethane systems made up of two components: polyol and isocyanate. Both systems are applied by injecting grouting “in situ”, obtaining rigid low- density closed-cell foams with strong thermal and acoustic absorption properties in the case of Phono Spray I-905, and rigid closed-cell foams with strong thermal properties in the case of Pouring 7136.

These systems are applied as part of a specific construction solution that improves the overall acoustic insulation of said solution.

These systems do not feature foaming agents that are harmful to the O-zone layer.


  • Complete suppression of thermal bridges. The insulation has no joints or gaps. It is a continuous form of insulation.
  • Strong surface adhesion. No need to use adhesives or glues to install the product.
  • It can be moved to a construction site quickly, with no need for transporting or storing bulky products.
  • Seals gaps, muffling the passage of sound

Characteristics Pouring 7136

Core bulk density : 30-40 kg/m3

Close cells : ≥ 90

Fire Performance : Euroclass F

Thermal Conductivity (Lambda Declared)

E 25-75 mm: 0,028 W/mK
E 80-115 mm: 0,027 W/mK
E 120-125 mm: 0,026 W/mK