Synthesia S-35RGB/ECO

Poliuretan Spray S-35RGB/ECO is a two-component polyurethane system (polyol and isocyanate) formulated to obtain closed-cell rigid foams to be sprayed-in-place for thermal insulation. Poliuretan Spray S35RGB/ECO was developed using the 4th generation of blowing agents which leads to a very low Global Warming Potential. Poliuretan Spray S-35RGB/ECO provides an excellent performance as a Radon Gas Barrier.

Advantages in Application

  • Total suppression of thermal bridges. The insulation presents neither joints nor cracks, since it is a continuous insulation.
  • Good adherence to the substrate. No glues or adhesives are needed for the installation.
  • Possibility of insulation and waterproofing in a single process. This characteristic is due to its closed-cell and watertight structure, as well as its continuous application, which means that no joints are formed.
  • Mobility. It is possible to get to any site quickly without having to transport or store bulky products such as other insulating material.
  • Cavity-sealing for sound insulation.
  • Increase of the living area compared with other insulating material.