Winflex-I Airtight Window Tape

Winflex-I is an Internal, Airtight Window Tape, that seals between the internal masonry reveals and windows/external doors.


Winflex-I as quick to apply and very reliable product, can be as well used at ground floor to walls junctions and has a high vapour resistance according to ENEV, DIN 4108-7. Furthermore – you may bond our Airtight Window Tape to porous and rough surfaces such as bricks, blocks, concrete and wood. You can also plaster it over, making it ideal for masonry construction. It has a 15mm adhesive strip to adhere to the window or door Due to its special construction, the tape is flexible in crosswise direction. This allows it to optimally absorb movements within the building and ensures a permanent airtightness seal. The bonding between the Winflex-I and internal reveal can be sealed permanently and reliably with PHS Ottello sealant.

Winflex-I interior sealing tapes offer the following advantages:

  • Its flexibility in crosswise direction they compensate for any building movements.
  • Provides a permanent vapour and airtight seal.
  • You can plaster it or paint over.
  • Contain no solvents, either on the adhesive strip on the seal or in the sealants.
  • Offer significant savings due to time advantages.
  • Compatibility with acrylic glass and polycarbonates.
  • Provides high adhesion of the sealing strip on all types of window frame.